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The name is Sherlock Holmes by AKingdomForAPencil
The name is Sherlock Holmes
A first picture of my latest Cosplay, Sherlock Holmes!
I so love the show and the characters, especially Sherlock! 
I hope you like it. 
Sherlock Smile 
Trafalgar Law and his Penguin by AKingdomForAPencil
Trafalgar Law and his Penguin
Hey guys! 
This is me as Trafalga Law with my lovely Penguin <3 
I tried a new editing with the Nik Collection : )
Do you like it? 
Feel free to comment :) 
Megara Cosplay by AKingdomForAPencil
Megara Cosplay
Hey everyone! 
Here is a first image of my Megara-Cosplay :)
The tutorial for the Wig you can find here, it is from the amazing Su-rine :) 

real slice 
For her

So cold, so ugly, horribly silent,
taking her into cold embrace.
Hidden, slowly, not showing violence,
abduct her from her beloved place.

Convince her to leave it all behind
and follow down the empty street,
to hide at a corner inside her mind
slowly turning herself so weak.

You promised her to be a friend,
oh, she was always so very bright,
but I know it, you do just pretend,
I knew it since her laughter died.

How can I look at her at all
without seeing you behind
ripping her appart, so slow
that there is never a scrap to find.

You take every single part of her,
I can't do anymore than watch.
I scream and I cry because of fear,
longing for her warming touch.

Today she is distant and secret now,
no joy at all although she smiles.
How dare I thought that I knew how
to shout against a storm in miles.

You kept her heart so cold and tight
with all your mirrors and your scales,
I can't even barely see her fight,
I can only see how her confidence failes.

I beg you, please, please, let her go!
But you walk away, she's by your side.
I cry, I scream and I fight though I know
she will never again be truly bright.

I hate you, I hate you, Devil in the Dark!
Comming down from the night above,
ripping all of our dreams apart,
how dare you take the one I love!

Be aware 'cause I will fight
to win her back, to win her trust
until she holds my hand so tight
I'll fight, I'll die for her, if I must!

It's not for me, i'ts her I'll save,
so go along and build your grave,
I will rescue her from your darkest cave,
Because for her life, I'll be brave!

For her
Hi everyone. 
This is a poem i wrote for my best friend. She is suffering with a terrible disease called Anorexia nervosa. 
I just tried to sum up how i feel about her at and her illness, so you will find it a bit uncooridanted and emotional. 
But stil, i hope, you can enjoy it a bit. 
Cullen Rutherford - Be my valentine? by AKingdomForAPencil
Cullen Rutherford - Be my valentine?
My first digital fanart of Cullen, it was printed as an DIN A1 Poster for a friends birthday :) 
Hope you like it :) 


AKingdomForAPencil's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hey to all the creative heads out there! I am a brand new deviant and i am very looking forward to share my paintings and art-things with you!
First of all (and that is very important!) i am an absolutely whovian! So if someone is out there with a big weekness for a blue box and a man called The Doctor, i should warn you, because you are gonna be my new best friend! :D

And if you love One Piece as much as i do, and i really love One Piece, especially Luffy and Trafalgar Law, then be warned! I am going to hug you! :D
And if you are also in love with Naruto, Inuyasha, Black Butler just like i am, we will get together perfectly!

And all above there is Thor, Thor 2 and The Avangers! Especially Loki!
I adore Loki! I can just let myself fall into his tragedy and his sorrow, grief, pain and hatred because of the betrayal from his father.
And, just to mention it: He is absolutely hot and his smile is murdering me everytime. I can't resist of falling in love with the villains :D

So, to the art-things i mentioned:
I do very variable things .I draw with pencils, colour pencils or water colours on paper, most of my paintings are manga/anime, or movie characters.

But i also love to draw pictures on t-shirts, mostly Disney-figures or movie characters. Sometimes i try to do some digitas work, but not as often as i draw. But i also love working with photoshop or illustrator! (Too much "but" in the last three sentences ^^ )

Also i found my heart beating for cosplay. I've got a few you can find in my Gallery.

Oh, and you can also find me an animexx and facebook, if you like to!
Find the link below.……

Love and geronimo!

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